Saturday, May 23, 2009

Third grunt

Okay, after the first two paragraphs of the articles on Web 2.0 I needed a drink! Or three! Whew, talk about getting out of my pay grade! It seems rather obvious to me that Web 2.0 or Library 2.0 is a given. Like most things it depends on a library's ability to adapt which can be restricted by budget or idealogy issues. As libraries we offer one of the most important public services, outside of police and fire, that people can access. We have to adapt to changing needs and follow the trends that are going on.

Oh by the way to the comment, at my institution I actually have sub-grunts that I supervise so I always tell people I am the "glorified" grunt. I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Second grunt

I really was fascinated by this process as this is my first blog. What threw me for a loop was when I tried to be a follower on another blog and my whole real name came up on their page. Why is that? Anyway, thought the instructions were great and very easy to follow even though it took a novice like me a while to get it done.

First Grunts

Hey! Why am I doing this again???

Oh, yeah the fabulous prizes!!!

Hope everyone is ready for summer...yeah, right!

Have a tremendous weekend!